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About Us

David Sterman, CFP

President & CEO

David Sterman, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™  founded Huguenot Financial Planning to fulfill a long-standing goal of empowering consumers as they prepare for a prosperous future. David believes that financial planners can be especially useful during “life change events.” These can entail a job promotion with a new salary, a growing family, inheritance, divorce, pending retirement or other such milestones in life. 

David got his career start as a Wall Street analyst. Over his career in the financial industry, he has discovered all of the ways that national Wall Street firms fail to act in the best interest of their clients.

David went on to use that knowledge in service of consumers, working as a financial journalist and investment analyst for more than 15 years. David's previous positions include Director of Research for Individual Investor magazine, Managing Editor at RealMoney.com and Chief Market Strategist for StreetAuthority, LLC. 

Beyond his career focus on investing, David perceived a need for financial planning that would go beyond investment advice to help clients with decision-making in all aspects of their financial lives.

David’s academic career includes earning Bachelor’s Degrees in Philosophy and Political Science from Emory University, along with a Master’s in the Science of Management from Georgia Tech. He has also been very actively involved in the non- profit community, at both the Board Director level and as a volunteer. 

Huguenot Financial Planning is a member of the Garrett Planning Network, which comprises more than 200 independent fee-only financial planners.

The goal of the network is to make objective financial advice accessible to everybody. I’m proud of my association with this group of like-minded financial professionals. One of the many benefits of the group is that they freely share with each other a wealth of expertise in many areas.

While each member of the Garrett Planning Network maintains their own Registered Investment Advisory firms and professional qualifications, they have access to proven tools, procedures and approaches that support the hourly consulting service model.  These tools and systems help Garrett members function in the most time efficient way possible so that client costs are professionally contained.

In addition to being able to leverage Sheryl Garrett’s knowledge through direct conversations, an annual retreat and numerous monthly conference calls, Garrett members may obtain other member’s expertise in various areas of financial planning through a our vast network of financial planners. This helps the Garrett member provide the highest level of service possible to their clientele.