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David Sterman, CFP

President & CEO

My clients come to me to help build a strong and secure retirement plan. Working together, we can tackle various pieces of the planning by themselves as part of a quoted comprehensive planning fee or on an hourly basis. For clients that have worked through comprehensive planning with us, our clients tend to pursue "check-ups, which is billed either hourly or as part of an annual retainer fee. Many clients work with me to help with general investment management and education, and for some clients, a greater understanding of Socially Responsible Investing. I also help provide guidance when planning for major life events that include career changes, real estate changes, inheritances, a growing family, changing estate planning needs. insurance needs and cash flow management. 

As just one example, for clients that are moving to a different home or looking to own rental property, it's important to assess the tax impacts and cash flow changes that will result from such moves. Other clients may want to look at the various choices associated with a pension plan, college funding goals, long-term care planning or any topic that pertains to your financial future. 

When pursuing comprehensive planning, the entire process starts with "life planning" that helps address your goals, values and concerns, and ideal path to the future, in both your working and retirement years. Only then can we effectively pursue traditional planning that ensures that your financial moves support your life goals, and not the other way around.

My introduction to the financial services industry was surely eye-opening. After earning my MBA, I worked on Wall Street as an equities (stock) analyst, and also as Director of Research and Chief Compliance Officer. Along the way, I learned about the various ways that Wall Street works against the best interest of their clients with hidden fees, dubious self-serving strategies, clear conflicts of interest along with shoddy client service and attention. Working directly on your behalf as a true fiduciary, I enjoy the process of providing a clear education about your financial choices as I believe that knowledge equals empowerment.

While I greatly enjoy helping my clients meet their goals, I am also very proud of a quarter century of financial journalism that has helped investors and consumers of all stripes. And I have learned much about consumer and investing through various career way stations such as Director of Research for Individual Investor magazine, Managing Editor at RealMoney.com and Chief Market Strategist for StreetAuthority, LLC. 

Lastly, to round out a meaningful life, I am very involved with my local non-profit community. I am the Board Treasurer of the Wallkill Valley Land Trust and a member of the finance committee of the United Way of Ulster County. I am also the Board Treasurer of WINGSGuate, a Guatemala-based provider of reproductive health. My most rewarding efforts come in through volunteerism, working with groups such as the Restorative Justice and Community Empowerment Center of Ulster County

Huguenot Financial Planning is a member of the Garrett Planning Network, which comprises more than 200 independent fee-only financial planners.

The goal of the fiduciary network is to make objective financial advice accessible to everybody. I’m proud of my association with this group of like-minded financial professionals. One of the many benefits of the group is that they freely share with each other a wealth of expertise in many areas.

While each member of the Garrett Planning Network maintains their own Registered Investment Advisory firms and professional qualifications, they have access to proven tools, procedures and approaches that support the fiduciary financial planning model.  These tools and systems help Garrett members function in the most time efficient way possible so that client costs are professionally contained.

Garrett members tap into each other's expertise in various areas of financial planning through a our vast network of financial planners. This helps the Garrett member provide the highest level of service possible to their clientele.