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Get Acquainted

Feel free to contact us so we can provide a clear overview of our services.

During our initial communication, which is a no cost "Get Acquainted" conversation, we will provide a brief description of our services, philosophies, methodology, and fee structure. At that Get Acquainted meeting, we will discuss: the scope of a possible engagement; a fee estimate; the additional data we would need from you and expected time frames to complete the process. There’s no obligation, and if you decide not to move forward at any point, it’s fine to say so.  We're not offended, because the search for a financial planner is very personal, and it is important for you to find the right fit.

If our services appear to fit your needs, we will email (or mail) you additional information to review, including some questionnaires that will help us better understand your financial situation. 

If you decide to proceed with us, we follow a three-step plan. These steps include:

  • Data Gathering. Here we will identify any documentation necessary to prepare your plan. We will, more than likely, require several meetings, either in person or via phone. These are opportunities to answer questions or seek additional documents so that we can finalize the analysis of your situation.  
  • When the financial plan is ready, we will meet and your individualized report will be explained. These are interactive discussions of observations, analysis, and recommendations. You will take home your personalized, written plan, and provide remaining payment.
  • From there, we will help implement your plan, based on the detailed action directives from the presentation. And we’ll follow-up to help address any further questions and concerns should they arise. 

Please know that “financial check-ups” are an important part of the process. We recommend annual reviews or as life changes necessitate. 

Huguenot Financial Planning requires a deposit for initial engagements that are based on the planning process that is selected.

For more information or to inquire about scheduling a meeting, please contact us.