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Planning Process

01 - Data Gathering & Initial Preparation

After receiving your information, we will begin to review and develop your custom financial plan. We will prepare initial reports that we will discuss during our next meeting or teleconference. You will need to gather the requested data and, if you have not already done so, complete a confidential questionnaire and a risk tolerance questionnaire provided by Huguenot Financial Planning. This information must be provided before your financial plan can be completed. 

02 - Interactive Goal Setting

Depending on your individual circumstances, this meeting may or may not be necessary. If it is, it can be in person or via teleconference. We will work with you to further discuss and clarify the information you have provided thus far, and to refine your financial goals and objectives. 

03 - Analysis and Plan Formulation

With the information you have provided, we will create and study various plan scenarios. When we have concluded our research and analysis, we will produce the final reports that include observations, assumptions, specific recommendations, and an action plan for your unique situation.

04 - Presentation of Your Financial Plan

At your financial plan presentation meeting, we review your personal financial plan and the specific recommendations developed for your financial goals. You will be provided with a copy of your financial plan and recommendations to take home; this is your personal blueprint for financial success designed with your financial goals in mind. You are empowered with specific recommendations to implement your financial plan.

05 - Financial Checkups 

Periodic update meetings and reviews are essential to maintain good fiscal health. We can schedule these periodic meetings with you at whatever frequency you think appropriate. We remind you that financial planning is an ongoing process, not a one-time event. Goals change, unexpected events happen, life moves in another direction... as such, your financial plan is a living document and periodic reviews are crucial to reaching your financial goals.

Some clients prefer a simpler collaborative planning session. These sessions are a good solution for individuals who are looking for general direction and guidance in their financial decisions. We discuss your questions and topics of interest in a collaborative meeting  that is largely directed by the client. This can be a great way to begin working with a financial planner at a lower-cost commitment. During our meeting, we will work together to create an “Action Plan” for you to follow up on the most important action items from our meeting. This approach works well for people who need basic help with budgeting and saving for financial goals, general investment advice, young families just starting out, college planning basics, second opinions, and general reviews of your basic financial infrastructure. You always have the option of requesting further services for specific topics following a Collaborative Planning Session.