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A Path to Financial Wellness for Your Staff

As a fee-only financial planning firm, Huguenot Financial can offer your team unbiased and conflict-free advice to help make the wisest choices regarding their financial future.

A Key Staff Retention Tool

In order to reduce staff turnover while keeping compensation levels in check, a growing number of employers are looking to offer financial planning as a key employee benefit. A combination of group meetings and one-on-one sessions at your offices can help your employees reduce the stress associated with key financial decisions, enabling them to work more productively.

In a recent survey by think tank Financial Finesse, 25% of employees that took a financial wellness assessment in 2015 indicated high or overwhelming levels of financial stress. and fully 85% of employees feel financial stress at least some of the time. Financial wellness programs can help relieve that stress. According to a survey by Charles Schwab, 59% of U.S. and Canadian corporate executives say the best way to structure financial wellness programs is to integrate the offering with the rest of the employee benefits package. Financial wellness counseling, for example, can leverage off of your employee’s existing retirement plan funding strategies. And if you don’t have a retirement plan in place, we can help you design and implement the ideal plan for your team.

“Nearly one-third of organizations increased their overall benefits offerings in the prior 12 months. The top reason for increasing benefits was to remain competitive in the talent marketplace. Given that two-thirds of organizations (68%) were experiencing recruiting difficulty and skills shortages for certain types of jobs, organizations need to focus on providing a competitive benefits package to retain and attract top talent.”

— Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Our Financial Wellness package can include:

  • Better 401(k) education on savings rates and asset selection.
  • Discussions centered on auto, home and life insurance as well as estate planning.
  • Smart strategies to save on taxes while saving for kids' education or retirement.
  • How to get out of debt by prioritizing the order of loans to be paid off (student loans, credit cards, lines of credit, etc.)
  • How to create a budget and build up "rainy-day" savings balances.
  • Ways to help your staff take the best advantage of their compensation and benefits packages.
  • Advising new managers on building wealth.
  • Helping near-term retirees preserve their retirement savings.

We can also help you devise and implement the ideal retirement savings plan for your staff.

General or Tailored Advice: A Dual Approach

Our half-day and full-day on-site planning focuses on a suite of topics suitable for group discussions and one-on-one confidential breakout sessions. Topics may include investments, insurance, estate planning, education funding strategies, debt management and more, based on what topics are most appealing to your workforce. Our suite of offerings may also be provided on a quarterly basis, so your staff builds knowledge and confidence over time.

Contact us to schedule a discussion on how we can best meet your firm's needs.