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Services Offered

Our focus on fiduciary standards ensures the highest integrity for your financial plans. We offer various types of advisory services, best-suited to your current financial circumstances. These include:

  • Investment counseling
  • Insurance selection
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Management 
  • Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)
  • Tax Planning
  • Social Security & Pension Planning
  • Legacy and Charitable Giving
  • Tax Planning for Retirement
  • Long-Term Care and Disability Insurance

Major Life Events and the Financial Planning Lifecycle

We often find that clients come to us when they have experienced a major life event. These can include:

  • Career changes (A layoff, a spouse starting or stopping work based on family responsibilities, a desire to transition to a different profession, a promotion, etc.
  • Sudden Wealth (due to inheritance, divorce, etc.)

We also cater to clients that don't slot into a particular phase of the life cycle. 


Life is full – demanding jobs, active children, community activities – you’re established, with significant financial commitments now and large financial changes on the horizon.  How do you manage it all?  Here are some of the things we look at:

  • Making sure you are building enough for retirement – it’s not tomorrow, but it’s no longer some distant vision either
  • Getting more focused about college funding – maybe you’ve started, but need to better define actual potential costs and how to fund them
  • Making sure the spending plan adjusts and anticipates needs at this stage
  • Career changes – an at-home spouse returning to work, work-life balance, changing career ambitions and priorities
  • Managing taxes during peak earning years
  • Do you want, and can you afford, a larger home?
  • Are the risks that can derail the plan, such as disability and death, covered?


Retirement is in 5 to 10 years, or you may be there already.  It’s an exciting time, with new freedoms and possibilities, but uncertainties too.  Here’s how to use planning to bring it into focus and gain some confidence:

  • What does retirement mean? Just stopping work? Gradually reducing responsibilities? Part-time work?  Embarking on a new career?  Volunteer activities?  Taking a breather to reflect is the first step.
  • Retirement projections – Estimate income, expenses, and assets throughout retirement – and make adjustments to spending, saving, and the actual retirement date to help ensure it is secure.
  • New housing options – stay in place, downsize, a second home, a new location.
  • Investments – structuring investments for this life stage, managing risk, providing income.
  • Tax planning – income changes at different stages in retirement. This provides opportunities for tax planning.
  • Making decisions about Social Security, lump sum and pension, and managing retirement plan distributions.
  • Long-term care planning.
  • Risk management and estate planning – wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies, planning for long-term care needs, gifting, estate tax planning, charitable planning. 

Ask us about our “Smart Start” package.

The $500 package is tailored for people in the earlier phases of wealth-building, and makes a great wedding or graduation gift.

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